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Bee Retreat - Beaver Creek Honey
Bee Retreat - Beaver Creek Honey
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Load image into Gallery viewer, Bee Retreat - Beaver Creek Honey

Bee Retreat - Beaver Creek Honey

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We have many ideas for Springtime gift giving. Mother's day is only weeks away! Our Bee Retreats are a nice choice. Everything you need to set up a little sanctuary for the pollinators in your yard. Includes a pollinator friendly seed packet.

All living things need water, and bees are no exception. As well as drinking it themselves, bees also gather water to take back to their hives and nests. Here, the bees use water to dilute honey, regulate humidity, feed larvae and cool the hive. And just as they communicate about the best places to gather nectar and pollen, returning bees also tell the others where to find water.

This kit provides everything you need to create a Bee Retreat Water Station for your garden. The pebbles and other decorative rocks come in a handy reusable sack. You can also add your own special marbles, rocks that you have collected etc. to personalize the bee retreat.

The Bee Retreat Water Station can sit in one of your flower beds or be placed on an upside-down terra cotta pot almost anywhere! The coloured marbles help the bees to see the water station and provide a platform for insects to land on and prevent drowning. Add a pinch of salt to the water but never add sugar or honey. Keep the station full as a regular source of water for all pollinators in your neighbourhood! BEE IN  IMAGE NOT INCLUDED Includes a pollinator-friendly seed packet!
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