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Champagne - Multimineral Pigment - Innomineral Cosmetics

Champagne - Multimineral Pigment - Innomineral Cosmetics

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Sparkle finish: A bright and bubbly highlight kissed with gold.

When it's time to celebrate, who can say no to a glass of bright and bubbly? This multimineral is warm and up uplifting. Looks gorgeous swept on below the brows, dusted on cheekbones and on the bridge of the nose.

Pairs well with: Deceitful Gold, Smoky Taupe, Smoky Brown, Brown Pearl, Cambrian Amber, 9th Ave Beige.

Innomineral eyeshadows are beautiful and versatile. The pigments are highly concentrated and blend easily onto your skin. You can wet your makeup brush to apply any color as an eyeliner, or achieve a more vibrant pop of color. Colors are easily blendable and can be dusted on cheeks as a blush or highlight, and blended with lip balm to add a layer of dimension to your lips.

Our eye shadows have a variety of finishes that allow for a variety of effects.

  • Pearl finish: A muted shine that glows with color.
  • Metallic finish: A shiny and bright polished tone.
  • Satin finish: An almost matte, soft luxurious shine.
  • Diamond finish: A shimmery finish with hints of sparkle that catch the light.
  • Sparkle finish: A delicate and glittery effect.
  • Matte finish: A velvety finish that blends softly into skin without the shine.

Our products are crafted with pure minerals, are cruelty free

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